Uber Promo Codes : Are you searching for Uber Coupons and Discount Codes in order to save your money? Then don’t worry, you have come to the right place. Uber have some great news for you, and they have great deals for Dec 2018. Let us have looked at it here in this article.

Uber is the new revolutionary cab service, where you can connect with the drivers by using the most sophisticated app. The price of this cab service is much better than the traditional taxi services. Uber is a private company which is situated in San Francisco, California, United States. But now it is available in India cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai and many more metro cities. But in order to use this Uber App you need to download the app on your Android phone, iOs phone, and Windows Phone.

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Uber Offers, Coupons and Promo Codes for December 2018: [Free Rides.. !]

Uber offers you with better price rates than a normal cab service. This company always offers some new ways to reward the customers and also offers special savings for the users. So, in order to get the special offers and deals of coupons and discount codes you need to check out the lists of the offers that they offer for you.

  • If you want to roam a whole city then you can roam with only Rs. 700, but in the normal cab they will charge you like Rs. 1500 for the whole city ride.
  • Not only low price but you can also get huge discount upto 80% if you do a whole city tour. This offer is very interesting for every individual.
  • Uber also provides you a special uber promo codes, which you can apply within the app in order to get great discounts and other interesting offers.
  • They have also introduced some special offers for the new users, who have never experienced the Uber Service before. The offers are like the first ride for free, which will be sent through email, SMS or through a notification on the app.
  • You can also refer the app to your friends and can earn some Uber promo codes that provides you discounts and free rides.
  • These are the exciting offers which Uber provides you for December 2018. Now, let us know more about Uber Cab Services.

How to Use and Download Uber Cab Service App:

To use Uber Cab Service App, you need to download this app from the Google Play Store if you are having Android phone. Then you need to sign up with some little basic information like name, phone number, email, location data, billing information. Through this service, you can enjoy without any problem since it functions fast and efficient.

Let us check out the steps how to use Uber:

  1. With the help of your GPS Location system, a map will be shown where you are and the nearby drivers. Once you have booked the cab, the driver will automatically know the exact place where you are.
  2. With the help of this app, you will be able to see the minimum fare and how much time will it take to pick you up from your location.
  3. To set your destination all you need to do is select the location and enter on the map interface.
  4. Now for the payment, Uber accepts all kinds of payments like you can pay through your credit card, through cash or through their inbuilt wallet within the app.
  5. After when you reach your destination, you can rate your driver whether you are satisfied with the service given by the company and send the feedback through which they can improve the services more quickly.


So, this is the way you can use the Uber Cab Service App on your mobile phones. This is the fast and easy way to reach to your destination, like if you are planning to make a journey or go somewhere urgently all you need to do is book a cab and make the payment and enjoy the fastest ridesharing app to reach where you want to within minutes.

Uber App : Running late in the morning and you have a job interview and your car or bike has a flat tire? Or are you running late for a date… whatever the reason is.. things can go for the worst if you don’t get a taxi or a public transport on time. Sounds like a nightmare right? Well, your savior of the day is there which will help you get to your job interview or your date right on time, and all you need to do is call for it. No, I am not talking about Superman.

Introducing UBER… you own private taxi on demand. With Uber by your side, you can forget about being late anymore. With uber all, you need to do is call for a taxi using the Uber app. How would that happen? Well first of all if you don’t have Uber app installed on your phone till now, then grab it right away.

All About Uber App:

  1. Uber is s simple way of Enjoying the flexibility of driving and make money when ever you want-For Driver.
  2. And for the app users, it is a simple app to help you reach your destination whenever an where you want for low cost.

How to Download and Install Uber App on Smartphone:

The Uber app is available for both Android and iOS users. So it is flexible and within your reach to simple download and install it right away on your smartphone. And if you don’t know how to do that the let me help you out.

For Android Users:

It is a simple and easy to download and to install Uber app on your Android smartphone. All you have to do is head over to the Google Play Store and Type in UBER and you will be offer with the app right on the next window. Simply click on INSTALL and ten the app will be download and installed automatically on your device.

For iOS Users:

Just like the Android user, iOs users need to head over to the App Store and click on the search tab and Type in UBER, and you will be offer with the app right on the next window. Simply click on INSTALL and ten the app will be download and installed automatically on your device. And that it that all you need to do.

Now that you have installed the app, you will need to login into the app. And before we go ahead and learn how to do that, let us look into all the features that you can enjoy with Uber by your side.

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Uber App Features:

  • Uber is one of a kind app that allows you to avail taxi when you want and where you want in a hurry. And with this amazing app, you will also be able to enjoy a handful of features with Uber installed on your smartphone. Few of the features are mentioned below:
  • With Uber app, you will no longer have to keep waiting for a taxi or even for reservation. Uber offers the most reliable ride for you within minutes after you have called for the cab.
  • Right now you must be thinking that with such amazing feature, it would cost a lot on your wallet. Well, Uber isn’t as costly as you think, it is low costed. And if you want to ride in style well you can also choose a premium offer.
  • Pay with cash in selected cities. Or you ca simply use your Paypal, Credit card or even Android pay account for the fare purpose. It’s easy as that.

With all these features in your hand, you would now definitely installed the app by now. So let’s get down with the login process.

Uber App Login Process:

Login process is really easy, all you have to do is follow these easy steps and you will be abel to login righ into the app. So lets get down with the Uber Login process:

  1. First launch the app.
  2. then you you will be followed up with a Login deatil window where you have to put in all the informatons like First name, Last name, email id, Mobile number and a password.
  3. After you are done with the process you will be atkan to a process of payment windows where you have to select the process of paymentlike Credit/debit card or Paytm Wallet or Airtel Money or Cash. Select any one that you want.
    The signin up process will take some time.
  4. And thats it. now you will need to turn on your GPS for selecting your locaton. Adn after this process is over you will be needing to downoad a map of your location which may vary from 700MB+ and right after ythe download is over you can now select a location of pickup.And thats it this is all about the Login process.


So this is all about Uber. hope you liked these simple process adn hope you liked this app. Get the app right now adn never be late fr any work from now on.

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